Automatic individual fire detection and extinguishing system for racks, panels, machinery and equipment

Specially developed for fire protection of racks, panels, machines and equipment, the system uses clean agents / gases FM-200, HFC227, Fluid 3M®Novec 1230® or FK5112 for fire suppression.

It is a fast-acting automatic fire detection and extinguishing system that uses the detection tube to direct the extinguishing agent directly into the fire’s focus, eliminating the potential fire without causing damage to equipment or the environment.

Main benefits of the individual automatic fire detection and extinguishing system

As it is an autonomous and automatic fire suppression system, it works without power supply (stand alone) and without the need for control panels, fire detectors or other equipment, being characterized as an economical solution for fast installation and maintenance, very effective for fire suppression.

Typical applications of the individual automatic fire detection and extinguishing system:

The system is suitable for protecting electrical panels, control panels, IT and Telecom racks, generators, machinery and equipment.

System Types

Direct system

  • The sensor tube is used as a heat detector and conductor of the fire suppression agent.
  • Upon detecting the heat of the fire, the region of the tube closest to where the heat was detected ruptures, forming a (hole) spray nozzle.
  • The internal pressure of the tube then decreases and the valve releases the entire contents of the cylinder (FM-200, HFC227, Fluid 3M® Novec 1230® or Fluid FK5112) through the “hole” in the tube, distributing the agent and suppressing the fire.
  • This fire suppression system allows the use of more than one pipe, depending on the area to be covered.

Indirect System

  • It uses the sensor tube for heat detection and activation of the fire suppresion system. 
  • Upon detecting the heat of the fire, the tube ruptures, resulting in a pressure drop and causing the indirect valve to activate. The valve diverts flow from the sensing tube to stainless steel piping with greater discharge capacity.
  • The extinguishing agent (FM200, HFC227, Fluid 3M®Novec 1230® or FK5112) is then discharged from the cylinder through the diffusers, flooding the area with a fire extinguishing agent for complete fire suppression.
  • The indirect system is generally used in equipment that requires more volume of extinguishing agent, and diffuser nozzles can be added to meet the needs of each application.


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