Fire suppression system by Water Mist

Water mist fire suppression system uses pressurized water transported through tubes to special nozzles, which spray the water in the form of a mist in the protected area, causing a cooling process that quickly reduces the temperature, increasing humidity and preventing the fire finds a new supply of oxygen to refuel its flames.

Water Mist fire system is very efficient for fighting fires, its technology allows for agility in extinguishing the fire, preventing excessive damage to property.

Water mist fire suppression system produces water nanoparticles that facilitate the misting process and reduce the amount of water needed to extinguish the fire.

SMH SISTEMAS prepares specific projects for fire protection taking into account the various risks for new systems or retrofit of existing installations and, based on the developed project, provides very high quality equipment certified by UL, FM, LPCB, CE, VDS and AENOR.

Water Mist fire suppression systems designed and installed by SMH SISTEMAS fully comply with the standards of ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, NFPA – 750: Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems and Technical Instructions of the Fire Department.

Benefits and Applications of the Water Mist Fire System


  • Hydraulic fire-fighting system with excellent cost-effectiveness, ideal for companies seeking sustainable solutions for firefighting and also in cases of false alarms, represents a savings of 60% to 80% compared to other systems that use water as extinguishing agent such as sprinklers or hydrant fire systems.
  • Water Mist Fire System quickly extinguishes fire, minimizing material damage caused by water. Furthermore, it can be applied in environments with equipment, works of art or furniture.
  • Water Mist Fire System has several applications and is already used in the USA, Europe and Asia for fire protection in tunnels, industrial environments, power generating plants, museums, archive rooms, hotels, high-end buildings and professional kitchens.


SMH Sistemas® serves the entire national territory with its own highly specialized team.