Fire suppression system by water spray/ Nebulization / Deluge

Water spray fire system is suitable for the protection of areas with a high risk of fire, where there is a possibility of fire spreading quickly or that have machinery and equipment that need to be promptly cooled, such as power stations , transformers, generators, turbines, flammable and fuel tanks, among others.

Water spray fire suppression system allows for greater heat exchange with the fire, depending on the diameter of the water droplets formed, requiring a smaller volume of water to extinguish the fire.

SMH SISTEMAS prepares specific projects for fire protection, taking into account the various risks for new systems or retrofitting of existing installations and provides very high quality equipment certified by UL, FM, LPCB, CE, AENOR and IPT

Water spray fire suppression systems designed and installed by SMH SISTEMAS fully comply with the standards of the ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, NFPA 15 – Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems for Fire Protection and Technical Instructions of the Fire Department.

Benefits of Water Spray Fire Suppression System:

Water spray fire suppression system extinguishes fire without causing damage to people or equipment. Water spray fire system works by quickly suppressing the fire with the minimum amount of water, due to the high pressure discharge and speed of the water droplets, creating microdroplets that allow: 


  • Fire Cooling
  • Removal of oxygen from the combustion zone
  • Blocking radiant heat, in addition to washing toxic gases and smoke in the protected area, speeding up the release of the affected area.

Typical Applications of Water Spray Fire Suppression System:

This system is recommended for suppresion of industrial fires or equipment that use combustible liquids, such as: transformers, circuit breakers, reactors, cooling tanks, manufacturing of oils, paints or varnishes, cable gallery, oilimmersed equipment and even in situations on what it is not possible to use fire doors.


SMH Sistemas® serves the entire national territory with its own highly specialized team.