Fire suppression system with gas / Clean agent HFC125 / FE-25

HFC125 fire suppression clean agent, commercially known as FE-25™, NAFS25®, MH125® or Ecaro25® is used in fire suppression systems and falls into the category of clean agents, regulated by NFPA 2001: Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems (Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems).

The HFC125 / FE-25 absorbs calories at the molecular level faster than the generation of heat, making it impossible to sustain the fire. Furthermore, it forms free radicals to chemically intervene in the chain reaction of the combustion process.

It is a chemical agent with great extinguishing power and high hydraulic performance, as it requires less gas and pipe diameter, allowing flexibility in adapting to layouts to be protected or retrofitting existing Halon 1301 systems (through a new hydraulic calculation and the replacement of diffusers).

HFC125 / FE-25 is a non-aggressive option for the ozone layer in substitution for Halon 1301. In addition, it does not leave residues on the equipment after unloading, being harmless to people present at the site, being characterized as an fire suppression agente environmentally friendly, safe for people and equipment.

Fixed fire suppression systems with HFC125 / FE-25 designed and installed by SMH SISTEMAS use clean agents / gases and certified equipment UL, LPCB, VDS, CE, AENOR and IPT.

Main benefits of the Fire Suppression System with clean agent HFC125 / FE-25

  • Saves lives and it is safe for occupied spaces.
  • Protects assets without damaging property or equipment.
  • It does not conduct electricity.
  • Extinguishes fire faster than water and no post-fire residues.
  • Environmentally friendly, that is, it is not aggressive to the ozone layer and does not contribute to global warming.
  • Regulated by NFPA 2001: Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Operation of the Fixed Fire Suppression System with HFC125 / FE-25

  • FE-25 / HFC125 is stored in steel cylinders connected to a hydraulic distribution network properly dimensioned and provided with diffusers at its ends.
  • The dimensioning of the hydraulic network, amount of extinguishing agent for fire suppression and diffuser diameters are obtained through hydraulic and isometric calculations elaborated in specific software and with international approvals.
  • The total discharge of the gas for fire suppression occurs within 10 seconds after the triggering, which can be: manual, manual/automatic or automatic by smoke or heat detection.
  • The fire suppression system with FE-25 / HFC125 gas acts uniformly in the protected environment, completely flooding the area and fighting the fire principle.
  • The HFC125 / FE-25 discharge leaves no residues, which means that a short time after the fire is out, the place can be normally used, avoiding unnecessary interruptions in routines or greater damage.
  • It remains active in the environment for up to 10 minutes to combat an eventual re-ignition.

Typical Applications of Fixed Fire Suppression System with HFC125 / FE-25

Used in the protection of mission critical environments that house data, equipment or goods of high added value and that require continuous and uninterrupted operation, such as:

  • Telecommunications facilities, internet service providers, data centers, internet hosting sites, hospitals, control rooms, clean rooms, electrical rooms and replacing existing Halon 1301 systems.


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