Fire suppression system with inert gas IG-541 / Inergen

IG-541 known commercially as Inergen is an inert gas for fire suppression, non-combustible, noncorrosive and non-reactive with most substances. IG 541 / Inergen is composed of a mixture of three gases found in nature: Nitrogen (52%), Argon (40%) and Carbon Dioxide (8%).

Fire suppression systems with IG 541 / Inergen extinguish class A, B and C fires, reducing the oxygen level in the environment below the combustion sustaining point.

The fire suppression system with inert gas IG541 / Inergen is safe for humans. When unloaded, it adds a mixture of gases that allow breathing in an atmosphere with low oxygen levels, stimulating the human body’s capacity to assimilate oxygen.

Applications of the Fixed Fire Suppression System with Inert Gas IG 541 / Inergen:


The fixed fire suppression system with gas Inerte IG-541 / Inergen is ideal for application in hazardous areas that require a clean and non-conductive fire extinguishing agent, such as large volumes and environments where it is necessary to allocate the battery of cylinders outside of the protection area.

Main Benefits of the Fire Suppression System with Inert Gas IG 541 / Inergen:


  • 100% green / environmentally friendly, due to its composition of gases existing in the environment.
  • Saves lives and iit s safe for occupied spaces.
  • Protects assets without damaging property or equipment.
  • It does not conduct electricity.
  • Extinguishes fire faster than water and no post-fire residues.
  • Environmentally friendly, that is, it is not aggressive to the ozone layer and does not contribute to global warming.
  • Regulated by NFPA 2001: Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems.

Operation of the Fire Suppression System with Inert Gas IG 541 / Inergen:


  • IG541 / Inergen fire suppression system consists of cylinders that store 16 m3 of IG 541/Inergen. The infrastructure is built with SCH 80 pipes provided with a high pressure connection with NPT thread.
  • The storage pressure in the cylinder is 200 bar and in the 60 bar network.
  • The cylinders are actuated by a solenoid valve and other accessories.
  • Cylinder automation for fire suppression is accomplished through the addressable or conventional fire detection system.


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