High sensitivity smoke detection system (VESDA / HSSD)

The high sensitive smoke detection system provides early warning of a potential fire outbreak by monitoring all stages of the fire, thus preventing the spread of fire.

The high sensitivity fire detection system guarantees the continuity of your business, free from false alarms, adapting to the characteristics of any environment, providing high performance due to its high-quality design.

The diagram above shows the progression of a fire over time. Note that the early stage of a fire provides a large window for detecting and controlling the spread of fire.

Detectors can be configured to generate multiple alarms during the early or late stages of a fire.

By utilizing its wide sensitivity range, it allows the detector to monitor all stages of fire propagation.

Operation of the High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System

The smoke detection system operates continuously by extracting air through a network of tubes, employing a high-efficiency vacuum. A sample of this air passes through a two-stage filter.

In the first stage, dust and dirt particles are removed from the air sample before it enters the laser detection chamber for smoke analysis.

The second stage (ultra-fine filtration) has the unique function of providing clean air to protect the optical surfaces inside the detector from contamination and to ensure stable calibration and long detector life.

After the filter, the air sample passes to the detection chamber, where it is exposed to a stable, controlling source of laser light. If smoke is present, light will scatter inside the detection chamber and will be instantly identified by high-sensitivity optical sensors.

The signal will be processed and represented by means of a vertical bar graph, alarm level indicators and graphic display.

Detectors are able to communicate this information to the fire alarm control panel or building management system via relays or a High Level Interface (HLI).

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System Applications

Essential for protecting environments that hold data, equipment or high value-added goods, as well as industrial environments where traditional detectors do not work properly due to extreme conditions (which can cause false alarms).

Absolute protection in a wide range of industries and applications:

  • ^Commercial facilities
  • ^Hospitals
  • ^Clean rooms
  • ^Navy
  • ^Cold warehouses
  • ^Nuclear facilities
  • ^Cultural collections and museums
  • ^Power generation
  • ^Document archives
  • ^Transport, logistics and storage
  • ^Data & Telecom
  • ^Wind power generation


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