Passive fire protection: vertical, horizontal, compartmentation and construction of fire barrier / fire stop

The purpose of passive fire protection is to confine the destructive potential of a fire by limiting the advance of flames, heat, smoke and/or hot gases in a building.

Passive fire protection will guarantee the airtightness of the environment, preventing the loss / leakage of gas in case of discharge from the fire suppression system, ensuring the retention time of the clean agent (gas) for up to 10 minutes, as described in the NFPA 2001 standard.

Passive fire protection and fire barrier construction is recommended for environments that have a high fire load or that require compartmentalization.

For mission critical environments it is necessary to apply firestop to compartmentalize / seal the passage openings for conduits, conduits, air conditioning ducts and shafts.

For the total containment of a fire principle, it is necessary to build a horizontal or vertical fire barrier with the application of plates or blankets with intumescent paint finish on the surface, whose objective is to provide a first barrier in the event of an accident arising from the cabling electrical or external environment.

In vertical buildings, we recommend the compartmentalization of floors, by closing the shafts (electrical, telephony and data) with the application of rigid or flexible products that will allow, if necessary, the removal to pass a new circuit without causing the loss of the fire protection. For trays and electrical cables, we recommend protection with continuous or intermittent intumescent paint.

SMH SISTEMAS prepares specific projects for fire Protection, taking into account the different risks for new systems or retrofitting of existing installations and, based on the project developed, provides very high quality equipment certified by UL, FM, LPCB, CE, VDS, AENOR and IPT.

Fire Protection systems designed and installed by SMH SISTEMAS fully comply with the standards of ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards, NFPA – National Fire Protection Association and Technical Instructions of the Fire Department.


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