Pre-engineered fire protection system

SMH SISTEMAS Pre-engineered fire protection system – Compact Fire System is an integrated fire suppression system that uses clean agents / gases HFC-227 / FM-200, HFC-125 / FE-25, Fluid FK 5-1-12 or Fluid 3M®Novec 1230® for fire fighting.

The system is compact, simple and quick to install, and with minimal connected remote devices. It consists of the cylinder loaded with the clean agent, pre-wired and programmed clean agent release control panel, electric actuator, audible and visual alarm, activation (release) and blocking (abortion) devices, service key to deactivate the clean agent / gas release control panel for any maintenance in the protected environment or in the automatic fire suppression system itself

Pre-engineered Fire System Components:


  • Cylinder loaded with clean agent, fitted with a valve with pressure gauge and pressure supervisor switch, 24 Vdc solenoid and manual actuator.
  • Cylinder fixing clamp.
  • Aluminum diffuser (pre-sized), 180 or 360 degrees.
  • Control panel with 3 automatic extinguishing zones to release the clean agent / gas.
  • 2 battery units.
  • 2 Detectors (optical or thermal), 24 Vdc with base.
  • Bitonal audio and visual siren, 24 Vdc.
  • Auxiliary metal rack for fixing the cylinder set, fire alarm central, locking (abortion) and triggering (release) key devices, audiovisual signals and other accessories.
  • Pre-sized tubing and connections.

Benefits of Pre-engineered Fire Protection System:

  • Simple and quick installation.
  • No need for piping infrastructure.
  • Compact system, doesn’t need a lot of space.
  • It has standard low voltage connection for control circuits.
  • Available in pre-sized or designed versions.

Pre-engineered Fire Protection System Applications:

Data centers built in metallic shelters (containers) or masonry, control rooms, internet providers, clean rooms, generator rooms, machine testing rooms, surgical centers, cultural collections, etc.

Volumes served:

Pre-engineered system is suitable for fire protection of the following volumes:

  • Kit model CDI22710032E ≈ 30m³ to 46 m³
  • Kit model CDI22710052E ≈ 46m³ to 80 m³


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