Electronic fire detection and alarm system

Fire detection and alarm system – Analog addressable punctual

High sensitivity smoke detection system (VESDA / HSSD)

Linear heat detection system / Protectowire

Fixed fire suppression systems with gases / clean agents (chemical and inert)

Fire suppression system with gas / Clean agent FM200 / HFC227

Fire suppression system with gas / Clean agent HFC125 / FE-25

Fire suppression system with fluid 3M®NOVEC 1230® or fluid FK5112

Fire suppression system with inert gas IG-541 / Inergen

Fire fighting system with CO2 – Carbon dioxide

Automatic individual fire detection and extinguishing system for racks, panels, machinery and equipment

Fire protection system for kitchen hoods with saponifying extinguishing agent

Pre-engineered fire protection system

Hydraulic fire suppression systems

Sprinkler fire suppression system

Fire suppression system by water spray/ Nebulization / Deluge

Manual fire fighting system by hydrants

Fire suppression system with LGE FIRE DOS®

Fire suppression system by Water Mist

Passive fire protection: vertical, horizontal, compartmentation and construction of fire barrier / fire stop


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