LASER DETECTION SYSTEM – VESDA (Very Early Warning Smoke Detection)


Laser Detection System – VESDA (Very Early Warning Smoke Detection)

High sensitivity detection system offers the anticipated warning of a potential fire outbreak, through the monitoring of all the fire stages and thus avoiding its propagation.

A high-sensitivity detection system will guarantee the continuity of your business, free from annoying fake alarms, being adapted to the characteristics of any environment, propitiating high performance due to its high-quality design.


The above diagram shows the fire progression throughout the time. See that the initial fire stage offers a great window to detect and control the fire propagation.

The detectors may be configured to generate multiple alarms through the initial stage or in the advanced stages of a fire.

By utilizing its wide sensitivity band, it allows that the detector monitors all the fire propagation stages.


The system continuously operates extracting the air through a piping network using a high efficiency aspirator. A sample of such air goes through a two-stage filter.

In the first stage, dust and dirt particles are removed from the air sample before it penetrates in the laser detection chamber for the smoke analysis.

The second stage (ultrafine filtering) has the exclusive function of supplying clean air to protect the optical surfaces within the detector against contamination and to guarantee a stable calibration and a long life for the detector.

After filtering, the air sample goes through a detection chamber, wherein it is exposed to a stable and controlling laser light. If the smoke is present, the light will be dispersed within the detection chamber and will instantly be identified by the high-sensitivity optical sensors.

The signal will be processed and represented through a vertical bar graph, with alarm level indicator and graphic display.

The detectors are capable of advising such information to the fire warning control panel or to the facilities management system through relays or through a HLI (High Level Interface).




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